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good intentions of Mr Robert Randall ; he
is, I am sure, no more in the pay of Germany,
direct or indirect, than Mr Quincy Howe or Mr
Harry Elmer Barnes ; but could the most brilliant
of Nazi war propagandists devise a more effective
estranging suggestion ? ...
But I wander from my topic. I do not know
how sane men in America are going to set
about relaxing the stranglehold of the Constitu-
tion, get control of their own country out of the
hands of those lumpish, solemnly cunning politi-
cians with their great strong jowls developed by
chewing-gum and orotund speaking, whose photo-
graphs add a real element of frightfulness to the
pages of Time, how they are going to abolish the
spoils system, discover, and educate to expand a
competent civil service able to redeem the
hampered promises of the New Deal and pull
America into line with the reconstruction of the
rest of the world. But I perceive that in politics
and indeed in most things, the underlying humour
and sanity of Americans are apt to find a way
round and do the impossible, and I have as little
doubt they will manage it somehow as I have
when I see a street performer on his little chair
and carpet, all tied up with chains, waiting
until there are sufficient pennies in the hat to
justify exertion.